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Welcome to Warrior School - Learn How to Get Funded

Warrior Schools serves as a playbook that carefully lays out how and when you should pull on the critical levers you need to pull regardless of the size of your business. 

Learn through stories told by me and other successful founders. We all admire the CEO’s on the cover of Inc, Fortune, Forbes, and other magazines that glamorize this god-like businessperson for yet another successful exit, a massive fundraise or simply growing and thriving during uncertain times. What we never understand is “how” they got or what their actual unique skills are that resulted in such glory. 

Unlike books before it, the Way of the Growth Warrior is backed by my real experience winning in the tough streets of Silicon Valley’s tech scene and how to do it is reinforced through the experiences of other leaders and growth warriors like her. And Growth Warrior School digs in even deeper so that you get an insider’s perspective of what really happens when investors evaluate companies, what they’re looking for – and what they don’t want to see.

What is a Growth Warrior? A Growth Warrior is a businessperson, salesperson, an executive, a team leader, an entrepreneur, a solopreneur, a side hustler. A person who engages in life and in business from the perspective that growth is always obtainable. It’s about endurance and taking on bigger and bigger challenges. 

Growth Warriors are focused on improvement - growing and becoming a better and better version of themselves. I want you to be a Growth Warrior. I want you to think less about mastering the outcome and more about the manifestation of the outcome. I want you to focus on these fundamental questions: What have I learned? What can I learn? How can I grow? Where can I give value? 

The purpose of Growth Warrior School is not to give you tips for success. It’s about understanding the traits of a true Growth Warrior. I am someone who believes my success is guaranteed because I’m always getting better. My definition of success is being able to do the work I love, with people I love, doing things that matter. Everyday I’m becoming more and more successful. 

These lessons contained here are my attempt to take what I’ve learned, the experiences and hard knocks, and the fun – shared with you. Learn the capabilities, skillsets, attributes and competencies that I’ve spent the past 15 years perfecting. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, and I want YOU to be successful, too. Let’s go on this journey together. 

Enjoy the class! 

ABOUT: Promise Phelon is a successful serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has raised over $100M in capital, has driven triple-digit revenue growth, and has had multiple successful exits. Today, she mentors underestimated entrepreneurs and leads a fund of investors that buys, turns around and successfully positions mid-cap companies for profitable growth. This class is cut from real experiences. The stories and context featured herein will give you actionable context for your venture whether you’re running a $5M software company, a $50K side hustle or a company with tens of millions in venture capital and looking to scale north of $100M.