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7 Non-Negotiable Skills to become a Growth Warrior and Get Funded


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The Way of the Growth Warrior Mastermind Class


Take a deep-dive into lessons, stories and tools to enable the acceleration of your business and your life. Whether you want to grow from $50K to $50 million, these lessons learned can work for you.



When you follow The Way of the Growth Warrior

  • Get a playbook to level-up your skills
  • Learn how to build a dream team
  • Know how to find capital and get funded
  • Prepare a well formulated exit strategy
  • Join a tribe of achievers like you
  • Get mentors who have been there!

Who is Promise Phelon The Growth Warrior?

  • Series Venture-backed Technology CEO
  • CEO, TapInfluence. Largest tech-enabled marketplace for influencers to create authentic, branded content. From $1M to $30M in revenues in three years.
  • Raised $100M in Venture & Private Capital.
  • Current Board and C-level advisor to $1B dollar transportation company, four venture funded SaaS startups, and 10+ SMB’s.
  • Critical contributor to IPO & three Strategic Exits.
  • Chief Revenue Office, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Product & Product Marketing.
  • BA & BS from Southern Methodist University + MBA in Finance from Pepperdine.

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